Black History month is winding down but the search for Confederate gold continues in Lake Michigan. Sometime in the mid 1890's, a Confederate box car was stolen that was filled with gold bullion. During a bad storm it had to be pushed off the ferry. As legend goes, it still sits waiting for the lucky person to find it.

Frederick Monroe believes he is the lucky guy. He and Kevin Dykstra are Muskegon area divers who have been searching Benzie County for the treasure. They have searched for the treasure for years and believe they will bag the treasure this summer. They received a tip from a deathbed confession in 1973.

Not everyone believes it actually real. "It's all a bunch of hogwash," said Rand Bitter, author of a biography about the Union Army officer at the center of Dykstra and Monroe's treasure theory. He sounds bitter to me.

Not everyone thinks it's hogwash. Frankfort Superintendent Joshua Mills is stoked at the economic prospects of gold fever.

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