The rumor mill is swirling in anticipation of another possible tour from The Rolling Stones with mysterious billboards strewn about to "light the fuse."

Recently the band tweeted a video of their iconic logo being cast into the sky "Batman" style which has people curious what they are plotting!

Well according to the Detroit Free Press, billboards scattered around the Detroit area could be giving us some clues.

Apparently, the billboards feature the Stones' logo, paired with lyrics like "Let's Spend The Night Together" and one on the busy I-75 and I-696 interchange that says "Miss You."

Detroit is not the only place getting these kinds of teasers as many in various areas of Pennsylvania are seeing the same thing.

With this coming summer already full of amazing shows like Lynyrd Skynyrd in Jackson and Guns N' Roses in Detroit, we Michigander's are [im]patiently waiting our "Satisfaction" with this mystery!

Some may say "It's only rock and roll"...but WE like it. 

We will absolutely keep you informed as we are on this one.

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