The other day the family was shopping at Costco and came across this cereal 3 pack of SUGAR!

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It had been years since I had some. Duran Martinez is always talking about them and in fact, this is his picture I used for this story. Click here to see Duran's story. 

So, every year I look for signs on how the economy is REALLY doing. My economic indicator is the Big G Cereal company. If the economy is doing great: Marshmallows are plentiful. If the economy isn't doing well: Marshmallows are hard to come by.

This year: The economy is in the toilet? Seriously! Who is running the cereal to marshmallow ratio at that place? Satan?

As a kid, I would always save as many marshmallows as I could towards the end of the bowl for binge. Yesterday, I did that for 4 marshmallows. We can do better America.

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