My sister, 14 year old nephew and I made the road trip to visit my brother and his family this past weekend for 'Canadian Thanksgiving', which was yesterday, though we had our feast Saturday at their cottage.

I didn't realize until we were headed east that part of the plan was to visit Legendary Motor Car, a showroom of GORGEOUS automobiles, which were featured on the TV show 'Legendary Motorcar Company'. Turns out the Canadian collection of autos is only a few miles from where my brother lives.

My nephew, who has been rebuilding a 1964 VW with his dad for the past four years, is a huge fan of all things automotive and really appreciated the fantastic array of vehicles.

Even if you're not a huge fan of 'all things cars', I think you might appreciate the excellence of design, restoration and a little trip back in time with the models on display.

BTW - the vintage pickup with the 'McQueen' plate is reportedly the last vehicle that  legendary actor Steve McQueen drove, when he was seeking experimental cancer treatments in Mexico.



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