Living in Michigan can be a challenge. Dad's enjoy small victories when it comes to working around the house. Although some tasks are simple, it's high time we celebrate dad's in Michigan for getting it done.

In my opinion, ninety percent of being a good dad is showing up. Be there for your kids. Be at their games, their conferences and most importantly be there when your kids need you most. I love being a dad and showing up.

When it comes to working around the house, parents are victorious. At our home my wife loves taking care of the interior and I love taking care of the yard. My wife crushes the inside while I try bit by bit each day to make our yard look better. That's a challenge considering the previous owners had never heard of lawn clean up, let alone ever did it. That's ok because I like destruction and starting from new.

Simple Victories Michigan Dad's Love


Flood Prep

I share in these victories with other dads. After discovering a week after we moved into our house that there was flooding issues that weren't disclosed, we stepped up our game. After the first two floods, in the first week, we learned A LOT about the drainage on our property and now know how to kick the flood's butt when it decides to do it again. I celebrate this win! Buying 75 bags of sand just to return them the next day was a pain in the butt, we were prepared.

Preventing Flooding When Power Goes Out

What happens when you lose power and have no way to run your pumps? You think quickly and go to your neighbor's house in hopes that they have a generator. Our sump pump's battery back up worked fine, until the battery died. Thankfully our neighbor had the generator and I was able to get it plugged in and pump out any standing water in my yard. WIN!

Tree and Shrub Removal

I bought a house so I could put my Silverado to work in the yard. Enjoying the victory of removing unwanted trees (small), growth, evasive species using my truck and a chain is awesome. VICTORY and it saves a lot of time.

Working Smarter Not Harder

I love working around the house but working smarter is the way to go. With all of the wood that has been cut down, I will use it for firewood and will burn fires to stay warm in the fall. Burn as I go saves time bagging. I love this win.

Fall Cleanup

I can't be the only one that goes out in December, provided there's no snow, to gather the last reminants of fall. When spring comes, I'll be happy I did it. It also has to do with my OCD, enjoy the win dad!

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