I learned once I got on Facebook, no one likes those people who only talk politics. One party trying to piss the other party off. It's old, boring and doesn't do us any good. You think you are pouring gas on a fire but you are only causing more separation. While I KNOW, we will never agree on everything, there is common ground somewhere. When it's not found these things can get ugly.

These ladies never found that common ground. They got into a beef over Presidential politics, came to blows and one lady killed the other lady with a slow cooker. Oh yeah, it happened right here in Detroit. Sentencing is today and Tewana Sullivan will discover her fate. Click here to see the full bizarre story. The incident happened in October.

Tewana is facing 23-50 years in prison for killing over politics. She made a mentally ill plead but it will not affect her sentence today. Another one of the stories that sounds funny and ends sad, like a bad Hollywood B movie. Now let's get back to posting pictures of our pets.

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