Cruel and unusual punishment. The Government is forbidden to dish out cruel and unusual punishment. Yet, half the rapists, murderers and traffickers practice in cruel and unusual punishment. The punishment should be befitting of the crime committed.

Detroit police are considering asking federal prosecutors to pursue death penalty after a 6 year-old was killed execution style in a double murder in Warren on Thursday night.

It looks more like a triple murder. The police found the bodies when they went to house to make contact with family after the 6 year-old's father was found burned in a car. The boys 28 year-old mother was also found murdered.

Commissioner Bill Dwyer said they may ask the feds to pursue the death penalty.

The REAL problem is the murder or murderers are still on the loose. They believe the killings may have been drug related but authorities are asking anyone with info to come forward.

When you hear of a 6 year-old being murdered, it's hard not to want his killer to face the same fate. States have executed the wrong person before. But if there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt who did this. I hope they execute them.If anyone has any information that could help, they are encouraged to contact the Detroit Police Department Homicide Division or the Warren Police Department.

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