Joey Pants was here at the radio station when I arrived this morning, but was rather 'green around the gills' and opted to go home and rest so he can be in better shape for his appearance tonight at the Rusty Mug for the final WMMQ Coors Light Big Ten Football Getaway to Indianapolis.

If you're not aware, Joey orchestrates our contests on-air and does a fantastic job of putting together the questions, fun audio, etc. When left to my own devices, I suck at creating contests and typically go for the 'random trivia generators'. Those sources aren't always correct, such as, who offered up the question of "What's the world's longest river?". The answer stated on their website was 'The Amazon River'. So I believed them. says it's a matter of how you measure it; they cited 'The Nile' as the longest.

You can listen above as WMMQ listener 'Pat' schools Deb Hart on her trivia gaffe and the breakdown of the dismal Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day fallacy that the team actually playing better on the holiday, which I'd also mentioned earlier in the show.

Thank you, Pat - I have no problem being wrong when there's no harm done to anyone; I'm quite used to it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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