January 24, 2019

"Hello, and Welcome to the Day, My Friends!"

After 30 years in broadcast radio, for which I am so grateful, it is time for me to explore the next leg of my journey.

I appreciate all of you who invited me into your homes, your vehicles and your workplaces via your stereos, then your computers and mobile devices! 

 Thank you to all my bosses who supported, schooled and encouraged me. Thank you for the first, second and third chances along the way.

Joey Pants, you made me a better broadcaster and a better human. Duran Martinez and Nick Chase - you are my radio brothers. I love you guys.

I have deep gratitude to all my co-workers over the years who made the creative process exciting and challenging, while putting up with me. Starting the day with a blank canvas and creating laughter or sharing great stories with clever, talented people has been a joy. Connecting with people, on air and off, is one of my favorite things to do. 

Some of the more daring adventures I was able to experience via my time in radio, courtesy of listeners to the show, include jumping out of an airplane, sailboat racing on Lake Lansing, a hot-air ballon ride, landing a sea plane on the Grand River, co-piloting a small plane and other forays I'm sure I've forgotten. Your invitations to explore your passions, your hobbies, enticed me to try many exhilarating things and inspired me to search for my own thrills - thank you for the joyful moments!

This ridiculous career in radio connected me with my True Love, my three beloved stepchildren and my dearest friends. I'm so grateful for all of you.

Thank you to those who shared your stories, who called the show to be a part of it, and those of you I never got to meet in person, but who faithfully invited me into your life, day after day. I am deeply, profoundly grateful.  

If you didn't know, I have been instructing yoga classes for the past few years and will continue to do so, offering a variety from Gentle and Basics to Trauma Sensitive and Yoga for People with TBIs/Concussions. Click here for more info. 

I also plan to write. There, I said it, it's on the inter webs so it must be true. I've got poems tucked all over the place and it seems I may have started a couple of books - it's really just a hot mess of journals and notebooks that need some focused attention, consolidation and editing, which is why it's time for me to step away from Morning Radio to make it happen. 

Please keep in touch with me at debhart9@gmail.com 

Thank you all for a magnificent adventure and take care~


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