Chuck E. Cheese was one of my favorite places growing up, and I was lucky enough to live across the street from one as a kid. Starting in California, the company expanded all over the United States. The Chuck E. Cheese in Portage of Westnedge is still hanging on through the pandemic, which has forced so many local businesses to shut down. The last thing we want is for the animatronics in the Portage location to end up the way one did, which was recently discovered at a landfill.

Someone snagged a picture roaming around a landfill of a decaying Chuck E. Cheese  animatronic that looks like something out of a Terminator movie:

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One former employee Stephanie Buss commented on just how creepy these things are when they're not decaying:

I worked at Chuck E Cheese when I was in HS... the animatronics are scary working or not. And worst was at closing time when the pressure would be let, out and they would all go crazy as if dying on stage...


Another woman on the feed took this whole thing super personal:

That's just awful, not to mention wasteful. You would think that some of those parts could have been recycled, or repurposed, or maybe the whole thing could have been donated to a museum or children's center. But just to throw the whole darn thing away like that to rot? Disgraceful. -Sharry Aschenbrenner-
I'm just regretful that when the one across from my childhood home was throwing out the Chuck E. Cheese mock of Abbey Road with the platinum records on it, I totally passed it up. I went there the next day and it was gone. Ya live and ya' learn I guess.

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