I live in Okemos, and I'm not sure if I'm paranoid or not, but I feel like there is a target on my back.

Every morning this week on my way into work, I've been seeing too many deer on Dobie road in Okemos.  Not one deer, but several deer running along Dobie road, in yards, between fences, and I feel like they're after me!

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Do you remember that article that meridian.mi.us posted a while back?  It clearly stated the following:

In response to continued complaints from residents, the Meridian Township Police Department will utilize a police deer cull in 2021 to manage nuisance deer.

Well I'm here to say they missed about a hundred deer in that deer cull.

Last night around dinner time, three deer went prancing across my front yard, eating my plants and shrubs.  It was two baby deer and their momma and they wouldn't stop eating my flowers too.

Do I deserve this?  Absolutely not.  I'm not a deer hunter and I don't care for venison, so why do I feel like they're all trying to ruin my life!

I can't even make it into work everyday without seeing at least ten deer along Dobie road.

This morning I saw an 8-point buck in someone's yard and it started running at my vehicle and then turned and went in a different direction.

I'm not sure if the Okemos authorities did their jobs by reducing the number of deer in the area, or maybe the deer that I keep seeing on a daily basis feel safer hanging around my house and annoying me.

I know in the past year, many Meridian Township citizens have been complaining about all the deer in Okemos, and yet I made no complaints whatsoever, until now, right here in this article.

Sometimes I feel like I'm in one of those Dodgem cars that you can ride at Cedar Point and the object is to run into as many Dodgem cars as you can during an allotted time frame.

But my deer game works a little bit differently, they're the Dodgem cars and they're coming at me in all directions and I'm trying to avoid a possible deer/vehicle crash!

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