Lord Vader's presence in the WMMQ studio has grown. We have a Vader light up pumpkin, Valentine's poster and now, a vintage Darth Vader lamp. Big thanks to Deb's "Honey" for that. It adds some character to our room and I appreciate it.

May 4th is my birthday and the unofficial Star Wars birthday. Good thing I love Star Wars, huh? Anyway, here is my favorite Star Wars shirt to date. Mrs. Pants got me this bad boy at Kohl's. I wore it to see the Avengers. 

Deb got me this awesome wallet. Guess what it says?

I cleaned it up for you but I couldn't wait to get it out at my teeth cleaning appointment.

Finally, this may seem like a waste of time but I watched it and it's Star Wars geek Bantha fodder. These guys spend hours putting together a Lego Star Destroyer, then destroy it. Oh, the Humanity.

Thanks to everybody for the birthday wishes and gifts. My mom got most of us together Sunday and those who came out to celebrate made my night. I am a very blessed and lucky mo-fo. The luckiest mo-fo you know.