If you won't wear a mask in public... You are going to love this.

The Detroit casinos announced their reopening plans and it involves MANDATORY MASKS, 6 feet social distancing and you will have to submit to temperature checks.

If that isn't enough to draw you in, smoking is now prohibited although some will have an indoor smoking area. There will be no buffet and no more poker. I am sure they will come up with a solution to the poker. Casinos never miss a opportunity. The casinos will also be limited to 15 percent capacity. I would love to see the guy who is in charge of that. It's around 15 hundred people and when they hit capacity, someone will go to the parking lot and start waving frantically or something like that.


The slots will be sanitized frequently and there will be a plexiglass barrier between each machine. Some chairs will be removed from the slot area and certain machines shut down to maintain an advantage for the casino... I mean, allow for social distancing.

Table games will be limited to 3 players each and roulette and Burt Bacharach games will be limited to 4. Ok it's called mid-baccarat.

Craps will be limited to 6 players and crappers down to one crapper.

Speaking of Burt Bacharach...

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