November 30th, 2013 the Detroit Tigers traded Prince Fielder and his huge, unfulfilled contract to the Texas Rangers for second baseman Ian Kinsler. The 31 year old Kinsler is a 3 time all-star who has hit 30 home runs and stole 30 bases twice in his career in Texas. He has slimmed down 15 pounds and seems to have the right attitude heading into the season. A killer instinct that escaped Prince Fielder last year while he was going through a divorce.

It's speculated that Prince's wife may have hooked up with Fielder's former teammate outfielder Avisail Garcia, who was traded to the White Sox for shortstop Jose Iglesias after management discovered the affair. IF it's true and your teammates knew, would you really want to help those guys win? IF it's true, isn't it amazing the Tigers did that well with all that turmoil?

Did you see what Ian Kinsler had to say about his former team and GM? It's pretty bold. Click here to see what he had to say. Then after some time passed he went into damage control saying he was joking. Click here to see the "taken out of context" story.

Many questions remain about the Tigers for this season.

1. Who is the Opening Day starter if there is a game on March 31?

2. Will the trade turn out to be good deal for Detroit if the sleeping giant Prince Fielder has a monster season, like I expect? The Ballpark in Arlington is much more hitter friendly than Comerica Park.

3. Who's on third? Miguel Cabrera moves over to first base replacing Prince. Nick Castellanos will get the first shot but seriously, do you honestly think he can produce Prince Fielder's numbers from last year?

4. How will Brad Ausmus do in his first season as a manager on the MLB level?

One thing is clear, Jose Valvrede won't be blowing any games for Detroit this year... Neither will Prince Fielder's ex-wife.