Baseball is American as apple pie. America’s favorite pastime, firmly rooted in the past and tradition. More than any sport, in baseball you look back at the dominance of yesteryear. It’s also a sport with many traditions. Like The National Anthem, the first pitch, the seventh inning, and of course the dining cuisine at the ballpark is legendary. Ball park hot dogs, deep fried twinkies, peanuts, popcorn and cold beer are staples of the ballpark experience. 

Many of us in Michigan enjoy the ballpark experience with our Detroit Tigers by travelling to  Comerica Park in Detroit. And in 2021 after a year of dealing with a pandemic for the past year, the desire to go out to the ballpark is more popular than ever. We’re craving events and people, and fun. We’re tired of staying home. The Governor has opened a lot of things up in the past month, and Comerica Park and the Tiger are negotiating with State Health officials to expand the capacity requirements for opening day. 

WXYZ reports “For the past several months we have been coordinating with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Public health and medical experts, Government officials, Major League Baseball, and leading venues throughout the country, to develop a comprehensive plan that will allow fans to confidently and safely return to the ballpark for the 2021 Detroit Tigers regular season.”

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer's office has indicated that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has been in close contact with the team to safely expand capacity limits. The good news, it’s an outdoor venue which should help in the decision to allow more people to participate in this yearly tradition. 
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