It's the Devil's Ice Box.....a secluded, outdoor place where you can still find ice even on the hottest summer day.

It's part of the old Quinnesec Iron Mine in the U.P. town of Quinnesec, a part of the Menominee Iron Mining District in Dickinson County's Breitung Township. The site was first discovered in 1849 with ore composed of goethite, hematite, quartz, and magnetite.

The township was named after Edward Breitung, a Michigan mine surveyor, and “Quinnesec” is taken from an Ojibwe word meaning “smoky waters”.

In 1906, a fire blazed through Quinnesec and destroyed most of the town. It never fully recovered to its former self, but it did save some old buildings that still stand.

Over the years the mine achieved the nickname “Devil's Icebox”, thanks to the ice found deep within the mine caves, even during summer's hottest days. The Quinnesec Mine has been off limits for years but there have been occasional tours.

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