Michigan... Where hopes and dreams go to die. Sometimes legends.

Crazy little things happen here that just spiral into something bigger. Everything is harder in Michigan.

I love crazy facts and I came across one that I never heard.

I was surprised to find out this morning the tallest person in world history, Robert Wadlow passed away during a visit here back in 1940.

They called him the "Alton Giant." He was only 22 years old and stood 8 feet 11 inches tall when he died. He only lived one year as the World's Tallest Man when he was measured a year before his death.

He was born a normal kid but a pituitary gland kicked out some major Human Growth Hormone and he shot up to 5 feet by age 5. When he was in first grade, he was taller than his teacher. She had to stand on her tip toes to kiss him on the forehead. He was taller than his father by age 8. He was 7 feet tall on his 12th birthday.

He became a celebrity in 1936 when he appeared in the Ringling Brothers Circus. 4 years later he was in Michigan at the Manistee National Forest Festival doing an appearance on the 4th of July. He was so huge, had to wear leg braces and one of the braces irritated an ankle. The ankle became infected and he needed a blood transfusion. He died in his sleep on July 15th. His casket was nearly 11 feet long and it took 20 people to carry him. 

Click Robert Wadlow to see his Wikipedia page. They have a picture of his shoe. Size 37AA.

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