My friend Jill tagged me on this story today. Click here to see it on Facebook.

I realize some people aren't on Hatebook so here is what it says.

Seeking donations to help fund a handicap ramp and door for Doug and Sally Lovejoy of Dimondale. Doug has fallen ill and needs a ramp ASAP. Doug is a retired mail carrier from the Dimondale post office and a VET
The project will cost up to $2,000 for materials with ALL the LABOR being donated by our local Carpenters UNION and if you would like to donate to this fundraiser you can do so with following the steps or contact Matt Bowen personally (517) 896-8317 personally.
Thank you for taking time to read this and pass along to your friends

They have already raised half of their goal. Even if you can't help financially, sharing the story could help reach someone who can help.


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