Dog Toy With Face


Probably safe to say that most dogs love peanut butter. Daisy the Dog, pictured above, would rather have a spoon of peanut butter than any of her toys - and yes, she gets some from time to time.

WILX TV 10 recently shared a story about Xylitol, a sugar substitute used in several processed foods for humans (even though it can wreak havoc for people with digestive issues - gas, bloating diarrhea - good times!). While the sweetener is 'generally considered safe for humans', it can literally kill your dog. Quickly.

If a dog consumes any foods with Xylitol, it can quickly cause hypoglycemia, vomiting, seizures, coma, liver failure or death. has more info here on the specifics of what to do - and not do - for your pet. has a list here of some products that include Xylitol - and yes, some peanut butters are on the list.

Check the label before sharing peanut butter with your dog.

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