Every year around this time we’re thinking of our Mom’s, and how we can honor them and show them our love on Mothers Day. The usual cards, flowers and going out to dinner has been a tradition for a long time. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with traditions. But some folks are getting a little more creative and trying new and different ways of celebrating motherhood. And not only in America, but around the world Mothers are honored in many different ways. Here are a few examples of how other countries show their affection for Mom.

In Mexico they celebrate Mothers Day much like we do birthdays in America, by singing their Mom’s a song called “Las Mananitas”.

What they do in Japan on Mothers Day is for their children to draw pictures of their Mothers. They are then posted on store windows or at art competitions. Winning art submissions could be displayed around the country and elsewhere.

Sweden observes Mothers Day the last Sunday in May, their children will sell small plastic flowers. The funds collected go to sending Mothers and their small children on a little vacation.

In Serbia they have a very unique Mothers Day tradition, ClickonDetroit reports

Serbians like to honor a church tradition of remembrance, unity and tying generations together, but this is certainly a different way to do it. Celebrated in December, Mother’s Day in Serbia kicks off when children enter mom’s bedroom and tie her up. Yes, you read that correctly. They tie up mom on Mother’s Day. In order to be “released,” the mother has to present her children with gifts. However, it must be noted that mothers aren’t the only ones tied up on their day of celebration. A week earlier on Children’s Day, children are tied up and must agree to behave before they are released. A week after Mother’s Day, the fathers are tied up and until they present gifts on Father’s Day.

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So how will you honor your Mom on Mothers Day? It’s always fun to mix things up and try something different. There are many options, your imagination is the limit. Hopefully some of these short stories have inspired you to surprise Mom this year in a different way. By the way, Mothers Day this year is May 9th. Here’s to a Happy Mothers Day for all Moms.



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