And more importantly will it sting or bite me?

This one came up in one of the local Facebook groups and someone asked about this particular...bug.

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We all know when it get's cold the critters wanna come inside. We all know about the battles with these guys.

The Washington Post/Getty Images
The Washington Post/Getty Images

They are annoying and they live up to their names. While creepy, they fly, and are genuinely hard to kill (they're crush proof and when you do finally squash one watch out). Overall they are pretty harmless and just...stinky.

They're not going to hurt you. Freak you out maybe but not hurt you.

But this thing.

What's Happening Around Charlotte, MI now via Facebook
What's Happening Around Charlotte, MI now via Facebook

If it's what people say it is, and you have some in your house, it could be trouble brewing. And the warmer it gets, the bigger the problem. You might want to call the exterminator and find out where the nest is.

According to the folks in the Charlotte Facebook group this is either a Mud Dauber (yay) or a Paper Wasp (oh boy).

Mud Dauber would be the lesser of two evils. The males don't have a stinger. The females do. They kill spiders. You should be able to spot their nests relatively easily. Peep the video.

That's the good news if that's what this thing is.

But bad news if it's this guy.

Even though the guy below says they aren't mean.

After looking at both of these I'm more akin to thinking what we have is indeed a mud dauber.

But I'm not a pest control guy. I'm a "it looks like it can fly and sting me so I need a can of spray" guy. Or a kill it with fire guy (DO NOT DO THAT).

All I need to know is can they sting you?

Yes—and wasps don’t lose their stinger when they attack, so they usually have no problem stinging more than once. “When threatened, paper wasps will sting readily, and can sting you multiple times,” Troyano says. (Prevention)

And I don't have time to check to see if it's a male version that won't sting but just bite, or if it's the queen who will definitely sting (readily and multiple times apparently).

Call a professional. Have THEM find them and kill em. Before it gets too warm and you got a nest full of trouble.

And that ain't no kind of fun.

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