My Honey's parents attended commencement ceremonies at Rochester High School (MI) recently. They told him it was really unusual to not have speeches from the valedictorian or salutatorian.  No speeches, because those distinctions are no longer designated at Rochester High School.

Apparently, Rochester Community Schools don't believe that recognizing the 'top' achiever is an important part of the scholastic experience. I guess I'm a throwback for remembering that our class Valedictorian and Salutatorian were fractions of a grade point away from each earning their honors, right down to the last weeks of classes.   They were both very diligent and competitive through school.  And I still have great respect for their tenacity and determination.

This is also the same school system that didn't want the kids at North Hill elementary to' be competitive during Field Day activities this past Friday, because they believe "all their students are winners". Check out that story here.

These observations aside, Rochester High School was named the 21st best in the state by US News and World Report.