Saturday night, we were outside and the Fowlerville siren went off at 10 pm. My wife asked me "why do they do that?"

Without thinking, I said "curfew."

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The more I thought, the more I wondered... Why DO they still go off? Is there a big problem with people not obeying the siren that yells at you to go home?

I though, it must SUCK to live close to that thing. We used to live right next to a train track and before long, you sleep right through the trains going by. After a while, you forget they are even there. So, maybe after a while it drowns out.

A lot of special needs kids HATE loud noises like that. My daughter gets a scared look on her face whenever she hears the sirens. Like she is going to get busted for breaking curfew.

I posted this on my personal page yesterday to see what my Facebook friends thought. Some great comments.

Why do you think town sirens go off every night? (Not talking about emergencies)

Posted by Joey Pants on Wednesday, February 24, 2021

My friend Norm wins with his comment.

Back in the old days they used to say it was the curfew but today's kids behave so much better... Lol!

In Webberville, it used to go off at noon and 10pm. Usually during daylight savings fall back, it's 9pm.

I get the 10 pm curfew but why the noon? To tell people it's noon? Can't we look at our phone, clock, watch or one of the MILLION devices around us that tell us time?

Then, some towns have a 6 o'clock siren. WTF is that for? To tell you it's prime time?

To me, the siren without an emergency is a boy crying wolf.

Does the town curfew siren do anything for anybody?

My guess is they will be gone in the next 50 years.

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