I am a Classic Rock DJ. I am not a bug expert. I do like taking cool pictures. Yesterday, I saw an opportunity for some cool pics. My limited care and knowledge of bug and insects was exploited on social media.

I found one for the first time in about 7 years!


When we were kids, we always called them June bugs because back then, we found them at the end of June. We used to find hundreds of these things stuck to our pine trees. Yesterday, I found one. I posted this to my Facebook. Naturally, people began fighting about bugs.

Stan thought they would make great bait. I bet he's right. You would have to get them before their guys dry out though. They are a crazy beautiful creature. Almost prehistoric. They make a sweet sound too. It's crazy how they live most of their lives on the ground, then fly up and sing...then die.

Here is what they sound like at my house.

What is that thing that sounds like a rattle? According to this guy, it's the Cicada and that sound means the first frost is about 6 weeks away.

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