UGLY sweater season will come screeching to a halt here in the next few days. So, be mindful! An ugly sweater sometimes is like assuming a chick is pregnant...

Just don't say it. "CONGRATULATIONS!"

"On what? I just had a bug lunch"

"I LOVE your UGLY sweater!!"

"This is my favorite sweater, JERK!"

The correct thing to say this time of year is "I LOVE YOUR SWEATER!"

A few years ago, I had a friend do an Ugly Sweater Countdown. So, I went out and bought one but I just couldn't give it away.


I am glad I didn't. My kid loves it. Every time I wear it she yells "Thanta!" She LOVES my Christmas shirt collection. She learned to say "Chewie" this year because of my Chewbacca stuck in the lights shirt. It was a proud moment. The force is strong with her.

I actually wore it to see Santa last year at the Peacock Road Tree Farm.










Pretty sure this was a Walmart after Christmas clearance deal here.

I would LOVE to see the BEST sweaters Lansing has to offer. Whether or not you think it's ugly, I want to see the Christmas or HOLIDAY sweater you deem worthy of sharing. Remember, I may make a photo gallery and share the gold with the people.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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