The US Drug Enforcement Agency say that the medicine chest at home is the most common place for prescription drug abusers to find a fix. If you've got prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet that you're not using anymore and have wondered what to do with them, we've got a plan for you. If you're in Greater Lansing, you can get rid of your unused meds tomorrow, between 10 AM and 2PM at these locations, no questions asked:

Michigan State Police Post, 7119 N Canal Rd, Lansing

Grand Ledge Police Dept, 310 Greenwood, Grand Ledge

Perry Police Dept, 203 W Polly Street, Perry

Owosso Police Dept, 202 S Water Street, Owosso

For a list of sites in Michigan, go to , click the "Got Drugs?" icon and follow the links to a database.

A phone number is also available: (800) 882-9529.

Officials advise us to not flush scripts because that contaminates the water supply.