This picture is from a little fishing adventure I took with my two brothers and sister-in-law on Lake Michigan two summers ago.  It was August and that's where you can find all three of them every year.  It was so beautiful to take the boat out pre-dawn and watch the sun come come up over the misty water.  It did get a bit foggy that morning and when my brother Mark, who is a well-seasoned captain, made the remark that he'd never heard so many boats honking at each other, I put on a giant life-jacket -- the Coast Guard issued kind that looks like you cut a hole in an orange Sponge-Bob-Squarepants and put it over your head.  They all mocked me because I looked ridiculous.  I guess that's one of the gifts that comes with age -- you don't care what you look like.

Just happened to be thinking of sun, warmth and water while I was out shoveling snow today.  Again.