WILX TV 10 reports that someone tried parking in front of the 7-Eleven at Jolly and Okemos Roads in Meridian Township last night around 7:25. The driver reportedly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake while attempting to navigate the spot. It happens.

The pedal-misstep caused the car to crash through the glass door of the convenience store.

Meridian Township Police report that there were fortunately no other customers in the store at the time and the sole employee was reportedly not injured.

The identity of the driver was not released, nor have we heard if any citations were issued. Status of the vehicle has still not been reported, either.

This incident makes me think of all the stupid car tricks I've managed to get away with over the years. None were criminal or evil-intended, just dumb. And lucky on SO MANY levels, including not many people hearing about it.



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