WMMQ's parent company is holding a national contest between all the offices for best Halloween costumes and here's what has shown up today in Lansing.

'Jaymie the Gypsy' will greet you today when you come to collect your winnings at the radio station.

Ed the Sales Manager is representing 'Zombie Slash'. Last night, Ed says he fired off several shots into his jacket, just to make the costume more authentic. And because he wanted to shoot his guns.

It took me a few tries, but I did eventually guess 'Velma' for Jennifer's costume. She gave me really obvious hints - it's a little sad how obtuse I can be at times. Too many times. Jennifer is the force behind the live events hosted here, including Lansing On Tap, which is happening ONE WEEK FROM SATURDAY!

Crazy Cat Lady Steve toils away on secret projects in his office. No one knows what he's doing, but he works very diligently at it.

Steve Crazy Cat Lady


And here's Debbie, the HR Horse.



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