On this, the first day of December, I have been granted two gifts from co-workers!

First thing this morning I found the WMMQ Birthday Party poster Jenn Taylor made for us to put up at Champions and Hacks Security and Door. Thank you!

And then later in the morning, David 'The Mad Dog' DeMarco (he's having a party tonight at Reno's West) stopped by the studio and says as he opens the door,

"Now don't cry, Debbie..."

and hands me Ernie Harwell's face-on-a-stick. If I recall, they gave these out at the old Tiger Stadium on the first opening day after the club fired my hero, Ernie Harwell. And the memory seems hazy, but I'm pretty sure I was at that game, but that's another story. I didn't keep my Ernie face from that day, but Mad Dog did and he gifted it to me (I think he was cleaning up his cubicle). Mad Dog knows I love Ernie Harwell and will weep when simply thinking about him. I'm getting teary as I type.

Check out the interview here with Mitch Albom, who wrote, "Ernie, the Play", about the legendary gentleman and broadcaster.

So Ernie is now watching over us here in the studio, next to the baseball he autographed (also a gift from The Mad Dog), the wasp spray, beer, a Christmas gift given Nick a year or two ago - and the WMMQ Classic Rock Hall of Fame plaque! It appears we never updated the plaque from last year's party. We'll need to get with Robin at C&S Trophy to fix that. Whoops.

The boss shakes his head and calls us slobs every time he walks in here.