Everyone thinks it must be such a fun job to work on the radio. They are correct but it comes with it's share of bulls#^*. EVERY job comes with a share of BS especially if you are at the bottom of the hill. All the crap rolls down.

If you are one of the many people searching for a job in right now, Opera is hiring a person for a 2 week gig to do internet browsing. They are paying 9 grand for the 2 week job. Click here to see the details. 

They are asking people to shoot a short video where you talk about the most relevant browsing moment of your life. Upload it to your social media using the hash brown #operapersonalbrowser. 

So, it's NOT a long term employment opportunity, it's more of a promotion for Opera.

I am kind of dyslexic and when I read it originally, I thought it read Oprah. Work for Oprah? No thanks. But Opera is taking a shot at Bing as being the second or third search engine you go to.

Life before search engines sucked! You would stay up all night trying to use your brain and remember things. Now, arguments are settled quickly and fact checking the know it all became much easier. Plus, naked pictures. You used to have to find a magazine. I feel bad for parents. Like a kid doesn't know how to turn off safe search.

Thank God for clear history.

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