Today is Thomas Crapper Day! I saw it come up on the "Days of the Week" we celebrate and thought who the heck is Thomas Crapper?

I believe he is the reason the bathroom is known as the Crapper.

He was a famous plumber who lived through the 1800's and died on this day in 1910 from colon cancer at 73 in Anerley, England. There are some fun words with this story.

Back in his day, he was the Royal Plumber for 3 different kings. His company owned the first bathroom showroom on Kings' Road. I always thought that was just a "Game of Thrones" thing. "COME SEE THE CRAPPER!"

There is no doubt this man's name contributed to the bathroom being called the crapper. Crap is an old English word but it wasn't intended for bodily waste.

Sadly, the company was sold off after his death and liquidated. The Crapper Company manhole covers in Westminster Abbey are still a minor tour attraction in London

My hand to God, when I started this article, I searched one of our sites for pictures of Thomas Crapper... And a picture of Tori Spelling came up.

Crapper Gallery

Yes, I know I am classy. I attended the Webberville Professional Finishing School but dropped out.

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