Buffalo and Detroit football fans share a few things in common - 1) a pre-season rivalry that you never knew existed and 2) a frustration of losing seasons. ESPN just demolished the Buffalo Bills for their losing ways in a painfully understated way.

On Christmas Day (Christmas Day!) ESPN rolled out a graphic to show how consistant the New England Patriots have performed over the last 16 seasons, each of those seasons have been at least 10 wins for the Brady/Belichick football oligarchy. The next best team, the Indianapolis Colts, has had 11 10(+)-win seasons while the Packers and Steelers own 10 each.

Every NFL team over that 16 year span has had at least 1 season with at least 10 wins. Yes, even the Detroit Lions (2) and Cleveland Browns (1).

But looking closely at the graphic, there were only 31 teams shown. A quick deduction and you'll notice that the Buffalo Bills completely missing from the graph. The lowly Bills are the only NFL team in the last 16 years to never have a 10-win season.

We're not sure which is more painful, having ESPN leave them off the graphic or make the graphic and show the Bills at 0 seasons and pound home the dominance of their AFC East rival.

Either way, ouch, another bitter pill for Bills Mafia to swallow.

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