What is the most evil prank you have ever pulled? This guy might just have us all beat!

On February 11th, Blake Messick posted a video on Twitter of him pulling off what he calls a "perfect crime."

We all know and love our favorite hide-and-seek partner, Waldo and have been trying to find him for decades which is what makes this prank absolutely maddening.

Messick went to a book store, bought a copy of "The Great Waldo Search" and proceeded to use Photoshop and glue to actually remove Waldo from the various searches in the book.

After seamlessly hiding Waldo (forever), he then took the book back for another poor soul to go through the painstaking effort of finding a Waldo that will never be there.

Now we, like the unfortunate soul who buys this book, have a lot of questions.

What kind of menace wakes up one morning and decides to do this? How seamless is his cover-up? Will we ever know what comes of the book and the unsuspecting Waldo watcher who buys it!?

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