This weekend, Mrs. Pants and I were watching the VH1 top 20 video countdown. I really don't like the show and how they rarely play all of the videos. But occasionally, I get turned on to some good tunes. I heard this "Demons" song by "Imagine Dragons" and really like it. When I saw the video, I coulnd't believe what they did at the end. About 3:10 into the video

If you have ever lost anyone to cancer, you have an appreciation for what they did. They stopped promotion of themselves and their song for a great cause. I can't imagine how much this meant to the family of Tyler Robinson and families struggling with a child who has cancer. Tyler will live on forever in this video. The cancer may have taken his life but he still continues to inspire.
This was a very selfless act I have NEVER seen another band do. I instantly became a fan. Great work, Imagine Dragons and VH1 for playing it in it's entirety. Faith in humanity restored for today. We all shine on. JP