My sister's dogs tend to vomit a LOT, so it wasn't that unusual that Neda, pictured here, puked around 4:00 one recent morning. She threw up again not long after, so my sister decided to take her to work to keep an eye on her and on the way there, Neda puked between the driver seat and door (uggghh).  The inevitable vet visit showed really high liver numbers (that's technical lingo from the veterinarian), the conclusion being that she somehow got into poison of some sort.

The best they could conclude is that the day before the dog got sick, they'd put grub poison on the lawn and because the day turned out to be so humid, it didn't dry all the way, so she must have absorbed it through her paws.

Neda is on the mend, just wanted to share the story in hopes that your furry friends can avoid the same fate.