There has been a Pants living on this road for so long, they should call it Pants Road.

I have been in this house for 13 years. I used to love walking and riding my bike down it but it just became too dangerous. Damn kids and their texting and Tock-Ticks! It REALLY isn't just the kids. People fly down this road like they stole the car. I had a few close calls and decided I should quit while I was ahead. Now, when we take our walks we find a park where no cars will kill us, just the COVID.

A few weeks ago, a sign went up.

They were doing some work on the Pants road bridge and the road is closed at the bridge. For the first few days, we just enjoyed the silence. My daughter got bored one day and started going through the car. She picked out her stroller and jumped in. So, I had to take her for a walk. We teach her the road is dangerous and no place to play, it's a bit of a contradiction for me to walk with her on it. But it was so nice and clear, we did it anyway. We walked a full half mile and never saw a single car.

The sound of the breeze and birds made me forget we were locked up in a pandemic. After I got back and got yelled at by my wife, we went for a family walk after dinner the next night.

We encountered one vehicle. I hope that bridge stays out the rest of the year. Take your time, guys...

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