For the past few weeks, I have been squirrel proofing my bird set up. I used some fishing line tied to my apple tree and tried to prevent the squirrels and raccoons from destroying them. So far, it's worked. I think I have 8 hanging from my tree now.

Last year, I was at my in-laws and this beautiful bird flew up and began to eat. I asked my in-laws "what is that?"

"It's an Oriole" my mother in-law said. I said "What do they eat?" "Grape Jelly," she said.

I asked her when they fly north and she said last year they arrived on May 1st.

This year, I saw one on sale and couldn't wait to put it up. The day I did, a squirrel hit found it and almost destroyed it. I put some strawberry jelly in the feeder and tied it up. Yesterday, I got my first Oriole ever. On May 1st... Bring on the hummingbirds.


From the Pants Stash
From the Pants Stash

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