WILX TV 10 reports that a flea infestation at an abandoned house in the 1400 block of Park Ave in Lansing is making its way through the entire block – residents on the street say the fleas are getting onto their lawn and pets, into their homes and cars.

The reporter sent to cover the story was standing in the middle of the street when hundreds of fleas began crawling up his pants. The City of Lansing red tagged the house owned by 47 year old Suzanne Combs some time ago, deeming the conditions inside unlivable. Attempts to contact Combs have been unsuccessful. Since she still owns the house, the City can’t hire anyone to flea bomb the dwelling because it’s private property.

Neighbors are justifiably riled about it, as any of us would be – they say that their ongoing attempts to keep the fleas at bay are not successful. The hope, for now, is that the coming winter will kill off the pests.



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