We're just hearing that a scrap over waffles led to a melee at a hotel in Pere Marquette, Michigan, this past weekend.

Sounds like Sunday morning, one lady asked another lady if she was in line for the toaster. No answer, so she popped a waffle in and when it was done, the first lady went to collect her breakfast. That's when the other lady tried to take it. Things got ugly, fast.

Thirty people got involved in the scrap - they were all ejected from the motel. No one was arrested, but deputies (several) were present as everyone checked out of their Memorial Day Weekend vacation spot. Those are not cheap or easy rooms to get, especially on a holiday weekend.

Sounds like a language/culture barrier may have sparked the dispute.

Get more details here from CBS Detroit.

The waffle fight was pretty tame compared to the scrap over some ribs at a BBQ in Indiana over the holiday weekend. One lady got stabbed in the eye with a fork when she accused another lady of "taking all the food" after the last rib disappeared.

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