Foreigner will play 10 dates at Las Vegas' Venetian Resort beginning in January 2020. Now, all they have to do is figure out how to fit in all of the band's most familiar tunes.

"If you take a look at Foreigner's catalog, there are 16 Top 30 hits, and [in planning a show like this] the problem becomes what songs do you leave out," frontman Kelly Hansen tells Billboard. "Do you do some songs acoustically or do you give them all the classic presentation? These are all discussions that we have in creating a set list, but you're definitely going to hear all of the big ones for sure."

The band, which still plays around 110 shows a year, just returned from a series of concerts in Europe. Their Venetian Theatre dates are Jan. 24-25, 29 and 31, 2020; Feb. 1; and April 17-18, 22 and 24-25. Foreigner is led by founding guitarist Mick Jones, and also includes keyboardist Michael Bluestein, drummer Chris Frazier, longtime multi-instrumentalist Thom Gimbel, bassist Jeff Pilson and guitarist Bruce Watson.

They recently released the concert movie Double Vision: Then and Now, which highlighted two concerts where current members collaborated with singer Lou Gramm and other survivors of the original lineup to celebrate Foreigner's 40th anniversary.

If this new residency is a success, Hansen says he can easily picture Foreigner becoming a permanent part of Las Vegas' increasingly classic rock-friendly atmosphere. "I don't mind hanging out in the same place," Hansen says, "and not having to get on a bus or a jet after a show every night."

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