Nick Chase claims he will have 'dead legs" for sitting out all last year. Nick said he ruined his career. Did you happen to see Todd Gurley run out of gas at the end of last season? I did. I bet Le'Veon did too. He is free from Shittsburg and now joing the GREEN AND WHITE again.

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lets goooo!!!! ✈️✈️✈️ “Life’s A Gamble” OUT ON ALL PLATFORMS

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I told Nick on our tailgate show in the fall, he would sign with either the Jets or the Browns. I said Le'Veon is trailblazer like Reggie White. The Franchise tag was being abused by Shittsburg and he fought the law and he won... Big time. Now, he has a few good years left on fresh legs.

A lot of people give Le'Veon a hard time because he wants to treat his injuries with pot rather than hyper addictive opioids.

Just so you know, opioids contributed to the 70 thousand overdose deaths in 2017.

Pot gives you the munchies. Looks like he has a lot of munchie money. Plus, weed is legal in New York. 

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