For those who have a love for the great lakes and what lies within them, you will enjoy this find at the bottom of Lake Superior.

The Atlanta, which had sunk back in 1906, was recently found. The ship was being towed at the time the ship was lost, according to the GLShipwreckSociety.

High Wings Caused The Atlanta To Abandoned

After already being towed by another steamer, the towline had snapped, and during the time of the snap, the Atlanta had no sails.

The crew decided to take to a lifeboat, and after fighting the heavy waves of Lake Superior, only two of its crew made it to land. One member from the wreckage was lost.

According to Wisconsin Shipwrecks, the ship is only at a depth of 17ft in Lake Superior, making it a rather shallow, watery grave.

Take a look into the newly found shipwreck of the Atlanta.

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