Yesterday, the wife, Nugget and me went to get breakfast at the Fowlerville VFW post. As soon as I walked in, I saw this man setting by the door. "Do you know my wife?" He said as soon as I walked in.

"No, sir. I don't, but thank you for your service." He was wearing a World War II Veteran hat.

He said to me: "I am the oldest living World War II Vet in Fowlerville, Michigan."

I said "really, how old are you?"

"91 years-old. I am so old, I can't get to the back to get my wife."

I thought, I better get a picture with him! It made his day that I wanted my picture taken with him. I could tell he felt like the hero he deserved to be treated like.

Carl Morgan

I don't know if he is actually the oldest and I don't care. I can't imagine the horror this man witnessed so many years ago when he fought for the world.

Not long after the picture, he met up with his wife and took off.

I was honored to meet Carl Morgan... The oldest World War II Veteran I have ever met.

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