I saw this and screamed "I WANT AN AIRPLANE RIDE!"
Sadly, I am not in the age group. I guess I could try to pull it off. I once got a senior discount in my 30's just for asking.


It's a great way to lift a kids spirits and widen their horizons.

I didn't step into a plane until I was 30 years old. That was a commercial flight to Europe.
In these planes, the kids will fly over areas they likely know but have never seen from these viewpoints.

More than 2 million young people have experienced their first flight this way since 1992.

Big thanks to all the pilots for offering their time and equipment for such an amazing opportunity.

Click here to see the young eagles Facebook page. It's full of heartwarming pictures of kids going on their first flight. Your first flight is something you will never EVER forget.




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