Lansing is rich with talented musicians and the work of a few of those exceptional singer-songwriters will be featured on stage at the Robin Theatre on Washington Avenue in REO Town tonight through Saturday night in "Home is Where the Song Is", as part of the Renegade Theatre Festival.

Musician Jason Strotheide, Executive Chef at MSU's Brody Hall and Proprietor of The Whistlepig BBQ in Charlotte, has been performing and writing music for years. He's currently with The Hoopties and has played in the past with Big Willy, Zydecrunch and many others. LCC Theater students will perform Strotheide's songs "Land of the Free", "Laurice" and "The Other Side". Not only does Strotheide jam on-stage, my sources say he serves up DELICIOUS BBQ - send him a Facebook message here to find out when he's next onstage.

The group will also perform songs from longtime Lansing Musician Jen Sygit, including "The Old Gravel Road", "The Rub", "Pay for What You Get", "Black Eyed Susan" and "Marshall Street" (yea, that one, on Lansing's east side). Sygit is a longtime Lansing resident who has released three albums so far and her fourth will be unleashed upon us this winter. Her songs are magnificent stories told in vivid images, painted with her warm, rich voice. If you like to check out a live show put on by a talented Singer/Songwriter, you can check out one of her upcoming shows in the region:


Jen Sygit


The LCC Theater students will also feature work from Musician Rob Klajda, who left this world for the next earlier this year just before a show in East Lansing - more details here in the Lansing State Journal. Klajda was a much beloved 'Musician's Musician' and I understand that his friends are pleased that his songs will continue to live on in the performances this weekend and beyond.

The "Home is Where the Song Is" shows will start at 9:00 PM Thursday - Saturday, August 17-20, 2017 - free admission!




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