Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing a pile of cash blowing around? It would be like "GOD LOVES ME!" That is what happened in Grand Haven on Thursday.

Now, imagine losing 30 thousand bucks. Well, leaving the cash on your bumper only to have it NOT miraculously make it to the destination. Not on these Michigan roads! I have lost 5 bucks before and been inconsolable.

Police in Grand Haven are asking people to return the money they found on the road after all that REALLY happened. Leads me to think, DAMN, how much money is on that side of the state?

One lady turned in just under 4 grand. They said a few teens brought in over 600 bucks. I bet they thought they were going to be rewarded for their honesty.? So, about 7 grand has been turned in and 23 grand is still blowing out there.

I bet it will be good for tourism.



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