Since 2004, Taco Bell had been a sponsor of MSU Basketball, offering a free taco to any ticket holder from a game that the Spartans scored at least 70 points. But, that sponsorship and promotion came to an end this year, and the restaurant chain decided not to renew, according to

This was much to the chagrin of thousands of Spartan Fans and Izzone members, who have been denied their one free taco after home games against Portland and McNeese State. (MSU was too hungover from last week's win over Kentucky to muster a measly 70 against "Ivy League power" Columbia) Some local stores even went to the extent of displaying signs and flyers to notify basketabll fans that they will no longer be providing free tacos, regardless of the score. Well, Izzone, your voices, and those of fellow Spartan Fans have been heard once again!!

The local franchisee has decided to continue the free taco promotion at participating locations, MLive reports. But, will it fly with the marketing and licensing cops at the MSU Athletic Department? It's a big no-no to use university logos, merchandise, and, yes, even tickets as a promotional tool without an official sponsorship or approval by the university. Apparently, MSU is out a good chunk of coin without the TB sponsorship.

So, will free tacos live más, or be no más? My gut tells me the almighty dollar will win out again...and that I've got a hankering I'm likely to regret over and over for the next 18 to 24 hours!!!