The other day, I was driving and saw a cat by the side of the road. I slowed down, then saw what the cat was looking at... A Turtle in the road. I stopped the car and ran out and grabbed the little painter and ran him to the side of the road he was walking to. Once I grabbed him, he picked up his pace. I thought "where was this energy when you were trying to cross the road, sandbagger?"

Not long after that I went to Facebook and my friend Lori Morris posted these pics and the story about them. I thought it was pretty funny and worth sharing.

Courtesy of the Morris Family

She and her husband Dave were driving when all of a sudden, they felt like they were being watched. I made that up, they said the frog just jumped on the car.

Courtesy of the Morris Family

Being a wonderful human being, her husband Dave stopped and grabbed him off the windshield before he flew off.

Then, to teach the frog a lesson, Dave threw the frog to the ground and began urinating on him to show him "no one rides for free in this life!"

SERIOUSLY, HE DID NOT DO THAT. To me, that is what the picture looked like. "Man relieving himself." That is actually Dave introducing this freeloader to it's new home.