Lansing was really jealous of Flint, Detroit and Saginaw getting all the "Dangerous City" love. Now, we made the Top 10 of America's Most Dangerous Cities Under 200 thousand people. You can see the list from by clicking here.

Lansing made it's debut at #8. Here is their rational.

Lansing saw a 12 percent increase in crime, which bumped them up to #8 on the list. Despite the overall rise in violent crime, Lansing’s murder rate actually fell significantly, from 11.33/100,000 to 7/100,000. That means that most of Lansing’s increase came from other violent crimes, including robbery and aggravated assault.

Flint was #1 last year but the population dipped so low, they weren't qualified for this list. The FBI said they dropped 59 people below the 100 thousand person threshold. Or else, Flint would still be the "Dangerous City Champion."